New York Takes First Steps To Legalize Beekeeping

I just came across an article on the legalization of bees in NYC.
New York Takes First Steps To Legalize Beekeeping

Back in 1999, the Giuliani Administration added bees to the list of animals prohibited within the city. The list also includes crocodiles, lions, and pit vipers. A violation of the ban incurs a $2,000 fine.

New York City Council member David Yassky introduced a bill that would abolish the ban, but the bill stagnated until local activists rekindled the fight by proposing to the New York Department of Health that the ban be overturned.

This is a good article and very encouraging but there are also a number of other articles linked to at the bottom of the page which is how I learned that the white house garden will have two hives! (has that already been mentioned here?)

White House Garden to Feature Bee Hives Too

and here's another good one:
How Backyard Beekeeping Benefits Everyone

Happy New Year! and happy reading!