Jules does her first inspection

Backwards Beekeeper Jules says:

I gotta say, there's no fear like new-bee fear, but I opened 'er up and took a look and Greg took some shots for posterity. I worked it into this brief slideshow.

I got one sting but am relieved to see that I must not be too allergic. I smoked the sting immediately and it didn't even bother swelling much until late last night. Took some benadryl and this a.m. it looked fine.

They're doing very well so I'll keep the lid shut except for sugar water bag changeouts for a while now. I know it's old hat for you all but I know I will never forget that sensation of holding the frame, crawling with little furry bodies as a brand new bee emerged from her cell. Total coolness.

Kirk adds:

Julian I'm so Proud of you I can't stand Up yippieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hurray