Bees for Homegrown Evolution

Erik and Kelly of Homegrown Evolution got their bees yesterday.

Here are some stills from the video shoot.

Kirk pulls the ShopVac bees from his truck:

These bees have been living inside a Shop Vac for about a year; they and their orange home have been in foster care at Solano Community Garden for the last month or so.

On Friday Kirk brought the Shop Vac to Homegrown Evolution HQ, and yesterday we documented the cut-out process as these bees got moved into more manageable quarters.

Kirk showed us a new method he picked up for preparing frames to receive cut-out comb.

Erik and Kelly's brand-new bee suits are blindingly white!

Here's the comb the bees had built inside the ShopVac:

Tying the cut-out comb into frames:

Cutting the comb to fit the frames:

Shaking the remaining bees into the new hive:

Relaxing after the bee move with some homemade Homegrown Evolution beer!

The Homegrown Evolution chickens:

And finally, here's the finished video: