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subject: Howdy From Sunny Florida

I have enjoyed reading your blog. Also, watching videos of yours and others on YouTube has been very educational. I have been thinking about starting a hive to help my vegetable garden and fruit trees. My thought before stumbling across your site was to capture a swarm of feral bees to put in hive. My thought behind this was that they would be use to the local temp, environment, and pests. Because of this the bees would be stronger and able to adapt quicker to a new home. I am glad to have come across your site. From what I read, I already have the “Backwards” mindset. Well, what do you expect from a Florida Cracker!!

Do you know of others in or around the Orlando area that has our belief in beekeeping that would like or be willing to help a greenie get started? I have heard that Orlando has a large population of Africanized Bees and need guidance with this. If you would not mind, please provide me with who in my area would help or pass on this email to them. Also, do you have or know of a site with instructions to construction a hive body, supers and frames? I have the bee fever and do not want to let it go on for too long with out taking care of it.

Thanks in advance

Hey Floridian Backwards Beekeepers—can you help Andrew out? If so, send us an e-mail (our address is in the right-hand column of this blog), and we'll hook you guys up. Let's spread this Backwards footprint.