Kirkobeeo meets some grumpy bees.

Backwards Beekeeper Penny recently let our Yahoo group know that her bees were getting very aggressive around their hive, chasing and sometimes stinging people in the vicinity.

Kirk paid a visit to Penny's bees, and here's what he found:

I went to see Penny to check out her mean aggressive bees.

Penny had added a box a week or so ago. When we checked out the hive the Bees were bearding on the outside of the hive. This is a sign of crowding and it being pretty hot. So we arranged the frames to maximize the space in the hive. We opened up the brood space some. We also put a small piece of wood under the top board to improve air circulation.

The bees were alot calmer and not attacking me or Penny like they were a week ago. Keep your hive tops open a little to help get some air. Crowding is a reason for grumpy bees. Like trying to put 40,000 people in a 10,000 person Stadium.

Now is also ant time be on the look out.