Ready for bees

My hive is ready to go. Now I just need to finalize and clean up the location for it. I painted it a gray green so that it will blend in with the plants. I don't want to draw too much attention to it But I also want to add a bit more personality a la Amy and Russell, and Leonardo. I have until bees arrive to figure something out.

Here is the frame building in progress - 10 down 20 to go.

I had some redwood strips that were trimmed from wood from another project that I have been saving for a while. They fit perfectly and look good when coated with wax.

When I ran out of redwood I used stir sticks that I had picked up from home depot. I would recommend getting stir sticks somewhere else. These were much harder wood than other stir sticks I've used and were printed with ugly orange letters.

I posted more pictures in my flickr account: Getting Ready for Bees