harvest supplies

I think we've rounded up everything we need for next Sunday's honey harvest. This stuff was purchased at Baller Hardare (BH), Par Paint (PP) or LA Honey Supply (LAH). Here's what it all is:

A) 5 gallon food-grade bucket with honey gate (LAH)

B) 9-in-1 tool (now, we don't need this specifically for the harvest, but we got jealous of Kirk's recently, so we picked one up)(PP)

C) Jars for honey. We were probably a bit ambitious getting so many - 24 4oz. and 12 12 oz.(LAH)

D) Those bags have the lids for the jars (LAH)

E) 5 gallon food-grade buckets - 3 of these with lids (LAH)

F) Painter's pole (4 feet)(BH)

G) Paint Scraper that screws onto the painter's pole (BH)

H) 3 Nylon paint strainers that fit onto a 5 gallon bucket. (PP)

I) Kirkobeeo (not pictured)

We are busy designing labels for the jars now!