Movin' on Up

Kirkobeeo came by today to check the progress of our hive. The ladies are working like crazy and have made a ton of new bees and honey. Kirk had us add two boxes to make sure they have plenty of room (AKA "unlimited brood nest" for you professionals). I can't believe we are up to five boxes already!

As you can see, the Zenmaster Kirk also had us mix up the boxes out of alphabetical order. We shuffled some frames around between the boxes as well to encourage the bees to spread out. I didn't get a chance to finish painting the "E" box before it was pressed into action. Now I get to try and get all artistic with the design while sweating in a bee suit.

We are going to harvest some honey in a couple of weeks. We will shoot a video of the crush & strain method and get it up here posthaste.