Ask Kirkobeeo - Lightning Round

We've got three quick questions for Kirkobeeo today:

Do Bees Sleep?
-Owen in Portland, OR

Kirkobeeo Says:

I don't think so but I have read that they rest and mill around. They are like all living things that work - they get tired also.

How many times have you been stung? Does it hurt a lot?
-Owen in Portland again

Kirkobeeo Says:

I've lost count of how many times I've been stung. I don't get stung much anymore because I'm prepared and I'm a good beekeeper. Does it hurt? Not much...but it depends where. Under the chin and around the eyes hurt bad. It also depends on how many stings you get at a time. Stings don't bother me too much.

How do you decide where to place a new hive?

Kirkobeeo Says:

I just look around see whats around. The final decision is up to the bees. You will see if it is a good location on how do the bees do in there. Don't think too hard.

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