Next meeting: Sunday, May 26

The next meeting of the Backwards Beekeepers is scheduled!

Sunday, May 26

Citibank, Silver Lake branch
2450 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles 90039

This month we're featuring an appearance by Sean Schwab, a longtime treatment-free beekeeper in Orange County. He's accumulated lots of knowledge about capturing and keeping feral bees, and will discuss the many misconceptions people have about them.

We'll be covering a lot of important points about keeping feral bees in an urban environment, including:
  • Getting educated with books, online resources, and hands-on mentoring
  • The risks and responsibilities of hive inspection, hive placement, and maintenance of space to prevent swarming and grouchy bees
  • Hive stand construction, ant control, and the rationale for these set-ups
  • Safety equipment, using a smoker effectively, being aware of neighbors
  • Capturing feral bees safely and humanely

As usual, everyone is welcome to the meetings, especially those who are new to beekeeping.

See you there!