Uri inspires a bunch of future beekeepers

As we learn again and again, kids love bees! LA Backwards Beekeeper Uri writes:

The local Waldorf School has graciously been hosting a number of my hives since the summer. The school runs a small biodynamic farm with an orchard, meadow, and vegetable beds. The bees pollinate their farm crops, and in turn, thrive and store up honey made from pollen gathered from the biodynamic crops and other local forage.

I had the pleasure of speaking to the first and second grade students about bees this week. We spoke about why bees are so important, who lives in the hive, and where honey and beeswax come from.

Then we all quietly and respectfully entered the bee yard and watched the magnificent flow of bees up into the air, and down into the hives as they were leaving and returning.

The kids had such great questions and were such a pleasure to talk to. Everyone got to take home a piece of comb, and two students got to take home a pet drone bee (they had been evicted from their respective hives).