July meeting recap

We had a great turnout at yesterday's meeting of the LA Backwards Beekeepers!

If you're new to our group, here are some of the key links that I talked about during the meeting:

Our Yahoo discussion group is a great place to introduce yourself, meet other members online, learn about chemical-free beekeeping and ask questions.

Give us a Like on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

Kirk runs mentoring sessions most Sundays. If you're interested in getting some hands-on experience with bees from a real expert, send a message here.

HoneyLove.org has a number of great events coming up. This is Rob and Chelsea's group, and they are making amazing progress toward getting beekeeping legalized in the city of Los Angeles and beyond.

Chemical-free beekeeping pioneer Michael Bush will be speaking at a hands-on workshop here in Los Angeles on Sunday, October 7th. Watch the blog and our Yahoo group for more information on this and how to sign up.

And be sure to check out all the information right here on the blog—the links at the top of the page are a good way to start.