Rescuing bees from a Long Beach wood pile

The bee rescue crew.

LA Backwards Beekeeper Roberta writes:

Brian called the Bee Rescue Hotline when he realized that there were bees in his woodpile. He had a group of people coming over to build a bunch of skate ramps and he needed to be able to move the wood around.

Barbara and I came over and Theresa met us for her first bee rescue and first hive. Theresa's son just got a new job and spent the money buying her the hive and a couple of bee suits. What a great son! Brian borrowed one to help with the rescue and loved it. He described it as dangerous and put it in the same category as skydiving. He and Theresa were naturals with the bees and were so excited. Barbara is beginning to be the mentor at this point.

We had to do some heavy lifting at first and somehow Brian conveniently had to go to the store when we needed to that. The bees were very nice and in no time we had them in Theresa's hive.

Theresa came back at night to retrieve them but accidentally went to the wrong house and was confused when she didn't see the hive in the backyard. Luckily no one noticed.

She loves her hive and the bees are very good natured. A perfect hive to give you bee fever.


Theresa then sent an update:

Wow what a rush. Under layers of plywood a whole world of bees! What intricate creatures.

Roberta was a great teacher pointing out queen cups, good brood patterns and drones. Barbara showing how to lay the comb in the frames. I went back after dark so all the stragglers would be safe at home. Getting to the house with my bee suit on, flashlights at the ready, we walked boldly to the back yard—until I realized it was the wrong house. Whoops!

The ants found the hive in less than a hour. We got that sorted out and today they are all reorienting themselves and seem very happy. These are very friendly bees which makes it even better with the dogs and chickens. I am happy to have bees. Thank you Roberta for the great experience...