A Long Beach cut-out, and a happy reunion

Barbara and the hive.

LA Backwards Beekeeper Roberta writes:

We got a call on the Bee Rescue Hotline from Chuck in Long Beach, who had some bees move into his wall. They hadn't been there long because he had check this area of the house just a month ago. The bees had gotten behind some boards of the exterior wall.

The first sneak peek at the hive.

Chuck is no stranger to a hammer. He put on a veil and started taking his house apart! It took almost an hour to remove everything but it was worth it. Chuck loved it and caught all of the extraction on video.

Barbara and I tied in the three new combs and vacuumed the bees up into a box. They were flying in and out of the box like it had always been their home.

I was going to come back at night to get them, but then I got a call from Chuck the next day. He was very surprised and dumbfounded that the bees were all gone! These were really nice bees so I was bummed that they left—but sometimes this just happens. They just don't like the new accommodations and take off. Hopefully they found a place with someone as nice as Chuck.

Oh and when we were cleaning up I heard someone calling my name. A little strange for a Sunday morning, but it was a wonderful surprise. It was Theresa from our El Dorado cutout. She was so happy to see us and wanted to talk about writing a grant for setting up a hive at the park. She even brought us out some lemonade. This such a small world and it's filled with exceptional people.