Kirk checks in on some grumpy bees

Kirk went to check on Jacques' hive today, and he brought new beekeeper Elisha along to pick up some knowledge.

Kirk writes:
Here we are at Jacques' house to check his hive.

Elisha is all suited up.

We went through this hive to check it out. Jacques said the number of bees went down last month when it was cold. We found the cluster, and there were eggs and bees, so we took a box of winter honey. We left them 6 frames of honey.

Now last year I moved these bees—they were really mean, man. So I just left them till now. The numbers are down this time of year, plus it was cold so hard to fly for the bees. This makes for an ideal time to check a hive that has been too mean to deal with.


Here's Elisha's description of her day: