Denice's first cut-out

Los Angeles Backwards Beekeeper Roberta writes:
Denice has just started beekeeping and wanted more experience so we went to Culver City to rescue some bees stuck in a fence. It was her first cut out. Pretty easy access with just a few screws removed.

We peeked in and saw several combs. Not the best laying pattern but it was working.

We even saw bees emerging as we tied the comb into frames.

We filled a medium box and had leftovers that we put into a cardboard box. The fence looked pretty good after removing all the comb.

In the end Mary, the homeowner, was pretty happy.

Denice is a natural beekeeper and pointed out that shaking the bees of the comb would clear the comb and it worked perfectly. By the next day she was going out on her own catching swarms and doing cut outs!