The melting-pot bees expand

Backwards Beekeeper Roberta says:
I inspected my queenless hive last week and was surprised to see a tiny bit of new comb. This was the first new comb in a month. When I looked closer I saw what looked like a queen on the one inch of comb! I didn't think it was possible so I checked again this week and found more comb, eggs, larva and capped brood! I'm not sure where the queen came from but it's much better than a worker laying.

I'm going to call this my melting-pot hive as it was a combination of 9 swarms from all over Los Angeles.

I also looked at my pallet cutout hive. There was a lot of new comb including cross comb that I cut and fixed. Another frame had two combs. I removed the small comb and put it into a new frame making everything very human friendly. I saw the queen in this hive too which was fun.

But the best part was seeing the eggs and cute little larvae. I never expected to love little bee worms but I do and I'm so proud of these little ladies.