Your Bee Rescue Hotline at work: Canyon Country

Backwards Beekeeper Bonnie says:
Hi Everyone,

Marcus and I picked up [a swarm in Canyon Country] this evening. Woo hoo! Our first swarm capture! What a rush. The home owner was cool—he'd taken a short beekeeping class in high school, so he had some good info going in. He was right in the middle of the effort. I offered him a veil, but he declined, unfortunately. He ended up getting stung—twice. First one flew right into his face! He turned the other check, and got stung on that one a little later...

Note to self: Insist that folks wear a veil if they're going to be in on the capture.

Second note to self: Don't forget the duct tape. That was embarrassing.

Third note to self: Benadryl might not be a bad addition to my kit...for the homeowners, anyway!

All in all, not a bad evening, though!