Kirkobeeo: New beekeepers, and a strategy against ants

Kirk says:
I went over to Max and Steve's to put the bees in the box for them.

Notice in the pictures the stand for the hive: the legs are in small cans with oil in them to keep the ants out.

Plus notice Max helping me tie a piece of comb in the frame. Notice her bee gear. These bees came out of a hot tub. They are wild bees that made their own queen. They sure don't seem mean to me.

You know the drill. Play the audio and scroll down for the photos.

Here's where the nuc was hanging out, on a hive stand with legs in cans of oil:

Frames and hive boxes (nice paint job!):

Max preps the smoker:

Bees in the nuc:

Bees festooning:

Notice Max's elaborate bee gear to protect against the dangerous bees:

The hive in place:

It's bee paradise!