My swarm captured

About a month ago while I was in my yard, I noticed a cloud of bees near my hives. After 10 minutes or so the swarm settled in the grass on the other side of the fence. So I hung my swarm trap up. The bees remained in the grass for close to a week, then one day I noticed bees going in and out of the swarm trap.

Carlo and I hived the bees several days later. They had already drawn some comb and filled it with the honey they had taken with them.

We shook the bees in, put on a feeding shim and the honeycomb on top. We put on the screened top and let the remaining bees march in through the hole. Then in the truck and off to Carlo's house.

I gave him these bees. His other hive swarmed several times and he believes it may be queenless. This new colony settled in really well and has been doing great so far.