Next Meeting: Sunday, February 8th

Russell and I will host the next Backwards Beekeepers meeting at our home in Silverlake (CA).

We'll mostly be working on getting new folks ready for bees and making starter strips. Odds are, we will also add a box to our hive or find a similar excuse to harass the bees.

Please join the Yahoo Group for details and RSVP if you'd like to come. There's a link to it in the sidebar on the right.

Weird that there is a Sylvia Plath poem called Bee Meeting. I especially like this stanza:

Smoke rolls and scarves in the grove.
The mind of the hive thinks this is the end of everything.
Here they come, the outriders, on their hysterical elastics.
If I stand very still, they will think I am cow-parsley,
A gullible head untouched by their animosity

See you soon!